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May 31 Thai Chicken Dinner

Inspired by my last trip to Thailand

This chicken dinner is a multi course meal that encapsulates all the bold and exciting flavours of my favourite street foods.  Thai flavours marry well with hot evenings, fresh produce and chicken! So essentially this is grilled chicken with a bunch of delicious salads.

*Please note that many of these dishes contain fish sauce and peanuts and are spicy.


Grilled ½ Chicken – prepared in the traditional Gai Yang style – marinated with lemongrass and grilled over fruit wood
“Pad Thai” Rice Noodle Salad – cabbage, carrot, egg, rice stick, spicy peanut dressing
Cucumber and Melon Salad – compressed cantaloupe, spicy lime dressing, thai basil, cashew
Green Papaya Salad (Som Tam) – young papaya, green beans, tomato, dry shrimp, lime, chili


Toasted Coconut Cake – fresh mango coulis, mint


June 7th Fruits de Mer Dinner

West Coast Seafood Bounty

Inspired by the French coast, fruit de mer platters are summer in a meal.  A wide variety of local seafood served chilled and meant to be enjoyed with the ocean breeze, hot sun, good friends and dry white wine.

Our meal will star a variety of west coast Canadian seafoods, prepared, marinated and served with some classic sauces.  I was inspired to serve this to highlight the B.C spot prawns that are in season.  Classically this dinner is just seafood, but to make it a true Sunday supper I included some sides and dessert.


Fruits of the Ocean – served chilled
Fresh Canadian Spot Prawns
Herb Marinated Salt Spring Island Mussels
Vermouth Poached Scallop
Albacore Tuna Sashimi
Spicy Manila Clams
Grilled Pacific Octopus
House Smoked Salmon


Sliced Baguette and Butter
Crab Louis Salad – Canadian crab, local asparagus and romaine, tomato, hard cooked egg, thousand island dressing
Japanese-inspired Potato Salad – creamy dressing, sweet soy, scallion, bonito, tobiko


Classic Lemon Aioli
Spicy Tomato and Horseradish Compote (Cocktail Sauce)
Ponzu Sauce – citrus infused soy sauce
Pickled Seaweed Tartare Sauce


Lemon Curd Panna Cotta – creme fraiche, sesame crumble