Orchard Room

ORCHARD ROOM is Krafty’s Kitchen sister restaurant featuring new Latin-inspired cuisine, cocktails, ciders and rums. Orchard Room is located a couple of doors from Krafty Kitchen at 269 Lawrence Avenue. We ask you to pick up your orders for Orchard at Krafty Kitchen.

Want curbside pickup? Call us at 250-762-9858 when you’re outside and ready to pick up your order.


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Yucatan spice, pumpkin seed, habanero sauce.


Monterey jack cheese, habanero mango sauce.

Prawn Ceviche

Scallop, prawn, avocado crema, tortilla, guajillo, lime.

Tomato Salsa

Charred tomatoes, local feta, house tortilla chips.


Unique to Orchard Room, our quesadillas are 1 folded flour tortilla stuffed with toppings, cheese blend, topped with more cheese then baked until crispy. All are served with a jalepeno crema and charred tomato salsa.

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BBQ Chicken

Pulled chicken, KC BBQ sauce, pineapple.


Pulled beef, chicken, al pastor pork, pickled red onion.

Cinco Queso Quesadilla

Monterey jack, cheddar, feta, blue cheese, mozza, truffle honey.


All served on a 6” locally made white corn tortilla. Served with clilantro and citrus marinated onion and pickled serrano.

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Albacore Tuna

Avocado, jalapeno crema, pickled cabbage.


Crisp corn tortilla, tex mex spiced beef, iceberg, cheese.

Braised Beef "Barria"

Slow braised with chilies, queso cilantro, jus to dip.

Charred Pork Pastor

Citrus and chili marinade, pineapple salsa, cilantro.

Chicken Pibil Style

Roast tomato salsa, pickled onion, avocado.

Plant based "Chorizo" verde

Herb and poblano seasoned “chorizo”, crispy potato, salsa taquero, vegan aioli

Poblano Pepper

Corn salsa, queso fresco, Yucatan refried beans.

Rock Crab

Pulled crab meat, corn salsa, fresh avocado.