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Grilled Beets

Peppered chevre mousse, candied walnut, cherry vinaigrette.

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Lobster Mac Fritter

Prawn, tomato jam, cured egg yolk.

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Tuna Tataki

Sesame crusted, tobiko, seaweed salad, ponzu

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Devilled Eggs

Spicy egg mousse, smoked paprika.

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Bison Tartare

Classic seasoning, truffled egg yolk, grilled sourdough.

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General Tso Tofu

Crispy tofu, red pepper, broccoli, tso sauce. Vegan

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Ginger Beef Carpaccio

Pickled carrot, chili, ginger vinaigrette, tempura crisp, sesame.

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Patatas Bravas

Fried squid, aioli, almond romesco

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Charred Vegan Caesar

Grilled romaine, smoked tofu dressing, crispy caper, nori, crouton. Vegan

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Street Corn Gnocchi

Street corn salsa, ricotta dumpling, goat feta, smoked chili cilantro.

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Truffled Mac and Cheese

Shaved truffle, Canadian cheese curds, cheese crisps.

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Roasted Eggplant

Coconut tikka masala, dates, curry crisp, fried chick peas.

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Shafty Burger

House ground, capicolla, cheddar, iceberg, millionaires sauce, fries.

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Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Apple cheddar waldorf, walnut, buffalo sauce.

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Thai Glazed Pork Belly

Beluga lentil, green curry, heirloom tomato.

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Dungeness Crab Risotto

Mascarpone, clam broth, peas, brown butter.

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Grass Finished Beef Sirloin

7 oz, loaded potato roesti, bacon jam, k1 sauce, jus.

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Sockeye Salmon

Chorizo, white bean, grilled shishito, almond romesco.

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Alberta Lamb Duo

T-bone, confit lamb belly, cheesy polenta, broccolini, red wine jus.

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Triple Cooked Fries

Hand cut, housemade ketchup. Vegan Gluten Free

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Truffle Fries

Hand cut, triple cooked, aioli.

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Seasonal Cheesecake

Elegant and expressive

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Craft Soda by Phillips


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Cranberry Soda


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Fruit Juice

Orange, Apple, Grapefruit

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Ginger Beer


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Honey Lemonade


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Iced Tea


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Red Racer IPA 0.5%


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Warsteiner Fresh 0%


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Purple Rain Sour Ale

BNA Brewing, Can

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Upside Cider

Apple, 500ml Bottle

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Rosé & Sparkling

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Lost Inhibitions – Bright, bubbly bubbles for bubbly people

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'20 Rose

50th Parallel – Pool pusher, patio pounder, beach bruiser

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'18 Blanc de Blanc

Tantalus – Her heart was made of liquid pink sunsets, the last few bottles!

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'06 Blanc de Blanc

Perrier Jouet – The quintessence of chardonnay with the brilliance of a yellow diamond

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'19 Chill

Bench 1775 – Easy drinkin’, a playful blend of Viogner, Pinot Gris, + more

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'17 Gewurztraminer

Tinhorn Creek Tumbling down a lavender hill in silky orange PJ’s

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'20 Sauv Semillon

Modest Wines – a zippy little number inspired by left bank Bordeaux

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'18 Blanc de Noir

Lunessence – Late summer afternoon in a hammock

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'21 Riesling

Synchromesh Wines – As tasty as fast food after the bar, Thorny Vines vineyard

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'20 Chardonnay

Mt. Boucherie The essence of lemon meringue pie captured in a bottle

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'18 Chardonnay

Nagging Doubt – true cold climate chardonnay, she’s a steely fresh character, this one!

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'19 Viognier

Road 13 – Not a European car, but the acidity races

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'20 Lys

French Door Yowza! Beautiful blend of viognier, sauv, riesling, semillon, marsanne

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‘20 Chardonnay

Meyer Family – Steven’s Block/Anarchist Mtn. Old school oak bomb with a zest for life!

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'19 Rousanne Marsanne

Rigour & Whimsy – Dreaming about the early times day drinking in the park, obscure and funky

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'18 Chardonnay

Davis Bynum – Blow your socks off good. An extraordinary balanced wine for all chard lovers

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'16 Riesling

Martin’s Lane – Naramata Vineyard. Lively with bright citrus. Mia’s favourite

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'14 Riesling

Martin’s Lane Naramata Vineyard – Lively with bright citrus. Mia’s favourite

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'19 Pinot Noir

Fairview Cellars – Twizzlers in that deep underground French cellar

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'18 Syrah

Corcelettes – White pepper, cassis, and elegance

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'19 Cabernet Sauvignon

Mission Hill – Reserve You like Napa Cab, but you’re not in Napa. Enjoy!

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'16 Bordeaux Blend

Phantom Creek Estates – Sustainable red blend, sweet tobacco and ripe berry fruit

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'18 Amicitia

Covert Farms – Stewed cherries, spice, and everything nice. Organic too!

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'19 Pinot Noir

Tantalus – The aroma of fresh Okanagan violets on your Spring walk

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'18 Cabernet Sauvignon

Hatch Wines – We all know it takes a village to raise a Hatchchild

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'19 Gamay Noir

RUST Wines – Candied cherry fruit bump up against a wall of smoke

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'18 Pinot Noir

Sokol Blosser, OR – Showing smoothness and energy

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'17 Cabernet Franc

Bench 1775 – Herbacious and luxurious

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'19 Syrah

RUST Wines – Saving Princess plum, dark chocolate, savoury leather licorish, Siilkameen

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'18 Cabernet Franc

Phantom Creek – The future can wait, she wants to have fun today

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'19 Nota Bene

Black Hills – A pioneer in BC’s leading Bordeaux-style wine

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'17 Pinot Noir

Etude, California – Wake up to a glossy bowl of cinnamon toast crunch with milk

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'18 Tempranillo

Black Hills – rarely spotted in BC, leather, violets with charred black pepper to finish

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'16 Merlot

Checkmate End Game – vibrant, intense, sensationally silky finish

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'19 Cabernet Sauvignon

Austin Hope, CA – This is the best thing that will have happened to you in 2020

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