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Free Range Picnics & Boat Baskets

Our Picnic baskets are designed to satisfy 2  diners for a midday or afternoon  meal in the Okanagan.  Made out of delicious local and seasonal products.  All the items in our picnics are  hand crafted and  packed just before you pick them up.

Inside the basket you will find everything you need to enjoy the unique offerings, as well as information about what you have received and how to dispose of any refuse or recyclables.

Our Baskets

The Chef’s Basket $85

Our Chef’s Basket is everything that our chefs would want when venturing out to visit wineries, or out on the lake for an afternoon.  The offering will change, but will surely contain the tastiest of offerings, such as; Foie gras pate, Bison TarTar, indulgent cheeses, fragrant charcuterie, olives, pickles, house made sourdough, marinated vegetable salads and other exciting seasonal offerings.

The Sommelier Basket $65

The Sommelier Basket pairs perfectly with a picnic bench in the middle of summer surrounded by vines and beautiful company..  Inspired by the  French countryside, The Somm basket connects you to the food traditions of the “Old World” with expressive new world offerings which mirror the Okanagan’s approach to wine.  The Offerings will change seasonally, but will always include; House made preserves, Olives, candied nuts, House mustard, Last seasons pickles, house made sourdough, 4 thoughtfully selected and prepared cheese and 4 house crafted charcuterie offerings.

The Bakers Basket $55

Simple, no fuss, just good solid lunch on fabulous house made bread.  The Bakers baskets offerings will change seasonally, but will always include; deli-style sandwiches on house made bread, leafy green salad, hearty marinated vegetables salad, potato chips and last seasons pickles.

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Free Range Picnics are currently unavailable. But will return in the new future.